Press Release

  • Phoenix Voters Support Retirement Security, Defeat Billionaire Special Interests

    City voters rejected Proposition 487, which would have ended the city’s traditional pension system. Hedge fund billionaire John Arnold funneled more than $1 million into the anti-pension campaign through his political action committee.

  • ICYMI: Bloomberg – State Pension Gaps Shrink for First Time Since 2007

    Wanted to make sure you saw this Bloomberg story that reports that the financial status of state pension funds is improving as contributions increase, the economy improves and funds begin to emerge out of the hole caused by the financial…

  • ICYMI: ‘Dark money’ floods Phoenix pension election

    Wanted to make sure you saw the story from today’s Arizona Republic about the “dark money” flooding into Phoenix in support of a ballot measure to end the city’s pension system for public employees.

  • ICYMI: NJ Star-Ledger Editorial: Christie ships pension funds to Wall Street pals

    An editorial published this morning by the New Jersey Star-Ledger criticizes the “mutually profitable kinship between Gov. Chris Christie and Wall Street hedge funds.” New Jersey is now one of the nation’s largest investors in hedge funds and, under Christie,…

  • Basic Facts on Public Pensions

    Pension are rebounding. Public pensions are returning to healthy funding levels following the Wall Street crash of 2008. According to Wilshire Consulting, the average funding ratio across all state pension plans in FY 2013 was 75%, up from 65% in…

  • Anti-Pension TX Billionaire’s Spokesman Gets It Wrong

    For those following the debate around pension reform, we, too, think it’s #TimeForACorrection. Josh McGee, Vice President of Public Accountability for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, recently claimed in a tweet that Arnold has never “supported pension cutting as…

  • Making it Worse: A Case Study in Failed Transitions to 401(k) Plans

    Politicians who spent years underfunding public pension systems sometimes try to solve the debt problems they created by switching to a privatized, 401(K)-style defined contribution system.

  • ICYMI: A Stunning Loss for John Arnold in California

    Yesterday, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kent Kellegrew ordered that an illegal ballot initiative ending public pensions for Ventura County California firefighters and other public workers be thrown off the ballot.

  • A Christie Pension Recap…

    As you’ve no doubt read at this point, Christie this week did a stunning 180 on his promises to the state of New Jersey.

  • Court Grants Union Coalition’s Request to Stay Implementation of Pension Changes

    Today, the Sangamon County Circuit Court granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) and a preliminary injunction, as requested by the We Are One Illinois coalition and its plaintiffs, halting the implementation of Senate Bill 1 (Public Act 98-599).

  • Christie’s Next Scandal: Handing Your Retirement to Wall Street Cronies

    Following months of damning headlines, subpoenas, and potentially career-ending revelations, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is trying to get back into the good graces of his right-wing backers by following a standard playbook – beating up on public workers.

  • Enron Executive John Arnold Loses Big in California

    The California Superior Court has rejected San Jose Mayor Reed’s attempt to throw out ballot language that accurately describes how his pension gutting scheme affects public employees.