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Millions of public servants across the nation rely on their defined benefit pensions for security and peace of mind in their retirement years. Our mission is to ensure the benefits of these hard-working individuals who are essential to our communities.

We know that there is no one more invested in strengthening the public pension system than the public employees themselves, who rely on these pensions as their primary source of retirement income. In fact, for 30% of public employees, defined benefit pensions are their only source of retirement, as they do not receive Social Security benefits.

Founded in 2007, NPPC remains a leading advocate for the preservation of defined benefit plans. Through collaboration with a network of national and state-based organizations, we strive to educate policymakers and the public on the significant impact of pensions, not only for the individual public worker but also for the broader community and economy.

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School districts across the country are struggling to recruit and retain quality educators like Becca. Hear how dedicated this teacher is to her classroom, her students, her community, and her coworkers. Do you have a story to share about your experiences in the public sector and the importance of your pension? We’d love to hear from you!